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Car Detailing Services
Car Detailing Services
Car Detailing Services



Why Carmo

Carmo Bigfoot is a Premium Importer and Retailer of High Quality, High Gloss, Imported, Self-Healing, Hydrophobic TPU PPF of European Origin. We offer products of Highest Quality as per Global standards. Our application is Tuck-in, Error-Free, High Quality, Invisible, Joint free, Edge free and Paint-safe done by expert applicators with an experience of over 10 + years of experience.
Our expertise and experience of over 12 years in providing PPF Services , helps us to simplify , decode and declutter the complex Technical Specifications and present it to the customers in a simplified form, helping them take the right decision.
We provide clear in-depth details and explanations to our customers clearing the myths and confusion, helping the customers take a right decision. Our approach right from the closure of the sale to the application and after sales service is completely focused on the Customer experience based on strong process guidelines and communication protocols. This helps us offer our customers High “value for money” with a Peace of Mind Guaranteed.

Car Detailing Services
Car Detailing Services

Factors to be considered while selecting PPF FOR CARS


Whether a 5 year or 10 Year Warranty

Country of Origin

Check for the country of Origin

Type of PPF for Car

Check the difference between TPH and TPU. TPU is High Quality while TPH is slightly inferior on all Paraments.
Burning a TPH leads to lots of black Smoke while a TPU will emit a white smoke in lesser quantity.
TPU also has 2 variants: Aliphatic and Aromatic. Aliphatic has a Stronger Bond of Molecules and hence a higher strength.
Only Aliphatic PPF has a Non Yellowing Property


As per Global Standards PPF shall have a thickness between 180 - 200 Microns
Thickness Lesser than 180 leads to a inadequate scratch protection
Thickness above 200 micron leads to lesser adaptability to contoured surfaces due to lower elongation

Gloss Levels

Visually Check the PPF applied on a Surface at Various angles and check the reflection of the light on it. Diffracted Light shows Lower Clarity and Gloss. Check if the surface has an orange peel effect which leads to lower Gloss and Depth.

Hydrophobic on PPF for Car

Try Pouring water on the PPF. The water should not stick to the surface but trickle down

Self Healing

Try using a Soft Metal Brush and create some impressions on the PPF. Then blow hot air from a heat gun or Hair Dryer or pour Hot water and check if the impressions Vanish


Cut a Srip of PPF 5 inches long and 1.5" Broad. Stretch the PPF on the Scale and to the Maximum Possible level before it just breaks and check the elongation , Elongation of over 300% is considered to be good


Use a Permanent Marker and write on the PPF. Then use a thinner to remove the marker Stain. If the stain completely Vanishes it indicates lower permeability and penetration which is good


If the PPF has a Very Strong and Strange smell indicates that the quality of the PPF for cars and the Adhesive is not good. High Quality PPF;s will not have a Pungent Smell.

Sr.No Type of PPF Warranty
1 Gloss 5Yrs
2 Gloss 10Yrs
3 Matte 5Yrs
4 Carbon Fibre 5Yrs
5 Pearl 5Yrs
6 GlossBlack 5Yrs
7 MatteBlack 5Yrs
8 Headlight PPF 5Yrs
9 Windscreen Flim 5Yrs
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